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What is Shingles? - news

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 02:06

Step 6: Determine and mark high and low spots across the floor. We did this two ways, first by dragging our 8 foot level across the floor to try to determine where the high and low spots were in local areas, and then by stretching a string across the whole floor, secured by a nail on each end.  The string does a better job of showing high and low areas across the whole floor. We marked high and low spots using a non-scientific method, sharpie marker on the floor with the words 8775 high 8776 and 8775 low 8776 and sometimes 8775 very low 8776 in the worst spots.

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We had to level our dining room floor to lay some laminate wood flooring. Our floor was generally flat until 5 feet from the wall and doorway leading to the kitchen. The drop between the last 5 feet and the wall base was 8/9 of an inch. We used a combination of Luan, 8/8 plywood and shingles to even everything out. Glad i found this article. Thanks for posting your story.

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Hi Fred, great guide! I have a quick question, so my flooring is pretty uneven and I started using this method. Did you guys stack up the shingles side by side and then only overlapped where necessary?


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8) If I elect to shim or shave joists to get them nearer level with their neighbor, wouldn 8767 t the existing OSB subfloor pulled up become unusable with the likely breakage around nails or even just nail holes as far as the strength of that OSB along the narrow edge that sits on a joist?

Good article I 8767 ve been trying to level a floor with shingles and felt your 8767 s is the only website with pictures of the task at least it confirms what I 8767 ve been going through gave up on using the LevelQuik after finding out from the manufacturer that the water in it could cause the floor beneath it to warp later

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Fantastic idea! After a whole lot of searching (three weeks sitting on google 🙂 this was the best solution I found. Got even better when job got smell what so ever. I do admit sniffing shingles on isle two at Lowe 8767 s raised some eyebrows of unsuspected fellow shoppers :)Thanks for the article.

Hi, I have been an avid DIYer for about 85 years now and am having a problem with a sagging floor on the second level of my hundred year old is a beam under the center of the room and the two outside walls are supported all the way down to the ground, but the last wall has no support under it and it has a significant sag (about 6 6/7 inches to 7 inches, I was wondering about using a dense foam wallboard type material to fill the deepest areas and then staggering thinner material as it rises to the wall. And then 8/8strand board over that, the room will be carpeted. What do you think?

In general, plywood does not add strength to a floor, except that it can help distribute the load from the center of a floor to the edges and to nearby joists, which tends to increase strength a bit. If you are at all concerned, it is wise to consult with a structural engineer before trying this in your own home.

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