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How Light Intensity Affects the Rate of Photosynthesis

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 03:14

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The second part of the test you can't really revise for as you don't know what the experiment is about. It is similar to the first section which is always helpful. Hope this helps you out.

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Respiration is the process of releasing energy from the breakdown of glucose. Respiration takes place in every living cell, all of the time and all cells need to respire in order to produce the energy that they require.

Well, I don't think you need to know that plants respire in dark (it won't come up in the exam). An example of that type of experiment would be something something lik putting test tube in a fridge, on the side and in an incubator (which can control temperature). You could say about this exam it is not valid as the light intensity for each tube changes when only temperature should change.

As you can see anaerobic respiration is not as efficient as aerobic and only a small amount of energy is released. This is because glucose can only be partially broken down. As well as this inefficiency a poisonous chemical, lactic acid is also produced, if this builds up in the body it stops the muscles from working and causes a cramp. To rid the body of lactic acid oxygen is needed, the amount of oxygen required to break down the lactic acid is referred to as the oxygen debt.

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I haven't got any more on photosynthesis. However, I have another IAA on light https:///7566/58/using-light-source-ldr-and-

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