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Date of publication: 2017-08-21 15:14

Critic /'kr 668 t 668 k/ is a noun. A critic is a person who writes reviews and gives opinions in newspapers or on television about books, films, music, or art.

Critical Thinking

In my time as a GAMSAT tutor I have corrected hundreds of essays by prospective medical students. The following are three of my favourites that were sent to me last year. Each shows a different style and each is great in its own way, but they also have a couple of key things in common. See if you can figure out what they are!

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The LDS Church, the oldest and largest charter organization of the Boy Scouts of America, will drop Scouting from its Men's program for boys ages 69 through 67.

I've very much enjoyed reading Grant's writings, listening to his podcasts, watching his youtube videos and especially talking with him in person when visiting Utah. Grant, thank you for being my friend and for helping me when I was at my lowest after finding out that the Church I loved and grew up with wasn't exactly what I thought it was.

Of the 88 plus women Mormon founder Joseph Smith married, about 69 were already married to other men. This created polyandrous situations in which these women had two husbands. Some Mormon apologists have tried to defend Joseph Smith by arguing that most of the polyandrous marriages were merely ceremonial and intended for the next life only. In this the first of a two-part video, I will discuss the case of Sylvia Sessions Lyon, who believed that her daughter Josephine was the biological daughter of Joseph Smith but through DNA was recently disproved. This has turned out to be the best evidence for sexual polyandry. In a second video I will discuss the other polyandrous wives of Joseph Smith.

Grant Palmer is an author of Mormon books, a former CES Director and most importantly a friend of mine. He has been very helpful to me and to the group at MormonThink almost since its foundation when I asked him some questions about his book An Insider's View Of Mormon Origins. He gave me his number and told me to give him a call. After a long and informative call, we kept a continual dialogue on Mormon topics ever since. We often consult him on Mormon historical issues and he has always been very willing to give us the benefit of his research.

To his credit, LDS patriarch and historian Richard L. Bushman (in the video below) candidly admits that the narrative the LDS church has been teaching its members and investigators for decades, "Is not true.".that the church is on "shaky grounds," and implies that the church "has to change" or it will experience significant problems.

A critical essay or review begins with an analysis or exposition of the reading, article-by-article, book by book. Each analysis should include the following points:

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