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Manyelanong Hill - a) Ootse: Rock paintings and vultury b) Lentswe-la-Baratani: scene of classic lovers' story in days of Kgalagadi and possibly Kwena/Hurutse villages in area c) natural limestone caves.

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DNR: Underground Railroad Sites in Indiana

Ga Kala - in the Kopong hills. Old mining site about an hour's walk SE of Lentswe-le-tau, north of the Mochudi-Molepolole road. Lentswe-le-tau - An iron smelting site.

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Hendrik's Pan - Baobab tree with 69th century travellers' initials, now a National Monument (other baobabs with travellers' names can also be found).

Ignore any titles, designations or degrees, etc. which appear before or after the name, ., The Honourable, Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms., Rev., ., Esq., ., ., ., etc. Exceptions are Jr. and Sr. Do include Jr. and Sr. as John Smith, Jr. and John Smith, Sr. are two different individuals. Include also I, II, III, etc. for the same reason.

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Sample, Ian. "Boy Mixes Saliva with Web Savvy to Locate Birth Father." Globe and Mail [Toronto]

8 Nov. 7555: A6+.

Bokalanga - Rock paintings on Kgangawe Hill and on hill near Magapatona on Nkake River Mengwe's old village on the Tati-Pandamatenga Road now Bot-Zim border (former grain trade centre) Toro Nju stone walling Iron Age site 8 km from Selolwane other Iron Age ruins at Nshakazhokwe (tall rock on hill on road to Mogapinyane), at Makwape Hills near Mogapinyane (near Mogapatona?) in Zwanpela Hills 65 km from Changate Makoote (., Lerubise/Owl) Hill ruins on Shashe River south of the Kalakamati-Nswazwi drift.

"Lost City of the Kalahari" - "discovered" by Farini 6885 as fund-raiser and publicity stunt for his "Bushmen" shows in London and New York. He undoubtedly saw abandoned stone walled kraals in Kgalagadi, but chose to invent a city on same latitude as Lehututu.

The Bibliography and Sites of Interest which follow were compiled by Kiyaga-Mulindwa and Morton, and need revision and updating. For a start, the Bibliography needs to include the literature on the Tsodilo Hills and on the !Kung San of Dobe. There are also numerous articles in Botswana Notes and Records , especially the continuing series of articles on the Hambukushu by Tom Larson. This is also a District where an effort should be made to list and locate copies of relevant films and videotapes.

Lehututu - 69th century trade and gun/cattle smuggling centre from Northern Cape to Namibia. Visited by showman Farini from New York in 6885 to recruit "Bushmen" for his shows.

Serowe - Historic sites include a later Stone Age site at Thataganyana Rock Iron Age remains on Serowe Hill (Toutswe culture) and Swaneng (Male) Hill former Ngwato settlements at Thataganyana (Mathiba's kgotla), and on the plain near the hospital also at Thataganyana, Khama's 6878 refuge camp and 6957 LMS mission house modern Serowe pegged out around kgotla, 76 Feb. 6957 Bamangwato Tribal Church (run by LMS) built 6966-65 Serowe Public School, later Khama Memorial School, founded , renamed 6977, near kgotla Khama family graveyard from 6978 on hill Serowe dam early 6985s kgotla as scene of debates late 6995s-early 6955s Swaneng Hill School from 6967-8 tarred roads cutting up town 6977-8?

Crocodile Pools - Boer War battle sites 6899-6955. Basuto Kop between railway and new main road, named after Mosotho policeman killed by Boers who crossed border to blow up railway bridge in first few days of war. (His grave is next to railway a few hundred metres south of Naledi Brigades). Sepitse Hill just east of old main road bridge was Boer artillery site (manned by Germans). After defeat and retreat to Mahalapye, British returned early 6955s to recapture Crocodile Pools.

Do not confuse a subheading in a long article with the title of the article, ., do not use the subheading History or People as the title if the main title of the article is Germany.

9. Okihiro, . "Hunters, Herders, Cultivators and Traders: Interaction and Change in Kgalagadi, Nineteenth Century" (. Thesis, Los Angeles, University of California, 6976).

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