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#1 Resume Tool: A Professional Resume Template

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 17:38

This is helpful to decrease the attention to gaps in career history, lack of experience, or a recent extended career break.  Following the accomplishments section, the candidate includes a work history section with employer names, job titles, and dates.  Dates are not hidden in this format.  All essential information is clearly presented on the resume.  However, with this format the top selling points are on page one so the reader can gain interest before seeing any potentially less-appealing details, such as a gap in work history.

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Your resume format will be deciding whether you will get accepted for the job or not.  There are plenty of ways to write a resume. No matter which format you select, it should make you get selected for the job you are applying for. Recruiters are always attracted to good resumes. If they don’t find a resume attractive with its first glimpse, they will be throwing it away. 

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That requires some skills of photoshop. I cutout the photography with transparent background. Duplicate the image then place one image inside the circle and the other above the circle. At the end i erased the left bottom and right side from eraser tool in Photoshop.

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Resume Templates is a great way to take away the stress from writing and presenting a resume so that you can focus on what you need to do when you are given the interview.

I've worked with resume templates for years and years, so it's no surprise that I have some advice I want to share. Please take some time to browse through these short articles. I think they'll save you some time in the long run. and maybe a few headaches.

As the name suggests, combination resume focuses on a fusion of the traditional chronological & functional resumes. Such a resume would usually start with professional profile/summary of qualifications which will include your skills, abilities & achievements that are pertinent to the specific job opening you are applying for- it’s for the functional side.

To begin with, the career objective of the resume must be catchy. It must not be too lengthy.  It should comprise of a couple of sentences describing your employment goal. You must convince your employer how can be you valuable for the company.

For example, let’s say you are working as an investment banker but you are really good at cartoons or conceptual sketching- such artistic skills would be a wealth for advertising industry in case you are planning to turn your hobbies into your profession.

Never write a lengthy resume. Employers find it very unattractive. It’s okay if the resume goes to the second page but make sure you keep it to the first page only.

Basically, there are four types of resume available. They are chronological, functional, combinational and targeted. Chronological resumes are most commonly used as it represents the data sequentially for the employers to find them easily at the very first glance. In case you have some lapse in your work and study, then it is better to use a functional resume to cover it up skillfully.

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