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Research paper topics about Current Issues in Education

Date of publication: 2017-08-22 12:50

Identities, Educational Choice and the White Urban Middle-classes
Diane Reay
Funded May 7555 - October 7557
ESRC Final Report

Hot Topics in Education

As well as papers, which report the findings of empirical research, papers, which provide critical literature reviews of research on specific educational topics of international interest, will also be welcome.

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Negative Attitudes Toward School - Negative Attitudes Toward School research papers look at the different conditioning skills, and how they can help change the negative attitudes.

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The field of education has many pressing issues to address, particularly as the United States loses academic ground to many other nations. In fact, when it comes to advanced proficiency in math, the United States comes in 85th, according to a Nation article lamenting this fact. Researchers seek to remedy this and other problems that haunt the educational system. Halting academic decline is the hot research topic of the day.

Poker and College Students - Poker and College Students research papers explore the reasons why people are playing better poker and the aids that are out there to assist in learning poker better.

Critical Literacy - Critical literacy is a teaching method that originated in Marxist ideology, though an Australian variant eliminating much of that influence has also emerged.

Students&rsquo and teachers&rsquo understanding of primary- and secondary-level mathematics (., arithmetic, fraction, decimal, algebra) developmental aspects of mathematical understanding.

Interested in learning more about a topic in education? Gain insight, enhance your skills, and build your capacity with ASCD resources that keep the needs of the whole child in mind and connect the specific challenges of today's schools and classrooms with proven strategies.

Elise Wile has been a writer since 7558. Holding a master's degree in curriculum and Instruction, she has written training materials for three school districts. Her expertise includes mentoring, serving at-risk students and corporate training.

Holistic Education - Holistic Education research papers look at the benefits of a holistic based curriculum, particularly in regards to physical education.

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