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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 09:14

Here is a 6ABC CALL FOR ACTION consumer news media link where we can submit our problem even if we think it is solved. People need to know before it happens to them. I wish someone would have warned me. There is a phone number you can call M-F 66-6 (ET). http:///business/contact-call-for-action/658685/
If you get a response, please come back to post and let the rest of us know.

Subjective taste and smell changes in treatment-naive

Pam, I painted with SW Harmony and it smelled worse after a few days of painting,miss been almost 9 months now and still smells. It also changes with the weather. So far we put 9 coats of AFM Safecoat, a sealer, but it hasn 8767 t helped much.
This is our second time of this happening so we will never paint again.

Global Brain and Nervous System Disorders Research Across

Because of my health issues post Zero VOC paint (Edward Dunn, but it makes no difference what the brand is. Poison, is poison). I am seriously considering moving out of my home of 85 years. I am distraught over this whole thing, as I do not want to move.

Has Urbanization Caused a Loss to Agricultural Land

Hello, we painted our sons room about 7 years ago. I used a paint from Lowes but cannot remember the brand, but it was the two and one with paint and primer/ We noticed a fish smell that comes and goes and not all the time. It seems if he plays in the room it activates it and then the smell is really bad.. I was going to re-paint the room, but seems like that would not solve the problem. I too wonder if that smell will harm my son who is now 9 but has been in the room for 7 years. Help what do we do?

Lynne, if I remember correctly, your paint smelled in the can and you still have that. My guess is there 8767 s a good chance that you might be able to identify some contaminant or chemical that shouldn 8767 t be there, or shouldn 8767 t be there in that amount.

At the time I had asked if anyone had heard of ECOS paint. I got no reply. After doing a considerable amount of research, we ended up going primarily with ECOS paint as it seemed like the best, if an unknown option.

Hey KDP, your case sounds like bacteria. The lower the water level in your air, the lower the odors. That makes sense if the bacteria need humidity. What doesn 8767 t make easy sense is where these various odor problems aren 8767 t happening for % of the people. Maybe it is frozen paint that becomes food for bacteria.

Symptoms of hepatitis such as generalized edema ( shotha), excessive thirst (atitrishna), bloody stools (krishna varna mala mutra), vomiting blood (rakta yukta chardi), red eyes (rakta netra), dizziness (bhrama), drowsiness (tandra), total loss of appetite (teevra agni mandya), and hepatic coma (nashta sanjna) indicate that the liver disease is at an incurable stage, and the patient is believed to be terminally ill. [68]

The PRA (Paint research association) is a global organization to which all major paint manufacturers belong. About one year ago they still had a page entitled 8775 Wall Odour Phenomenon 8776 . That page was taken down last year as you can see in this article, the link is dead.

Smells caused by paint are a lot more common in cheaper paints or oil based paints. It can also be caused by the primer. Regardless, if the walls are already painted, there is no way to stop the smell other than applying a quality primer. One primer I know of is called 8775 Anabec 755 8776 . It is not cheap, but it is mold resistant, absorbs chemicals, moisture, odors, anything you can think of. If you apply this as a primer underneath paints, you will NEVER have a lingering odor. It is perfectly safe, and very effective. However, it is not cheap.

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