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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 03:14

So now that we know all about advance directives, I want to go back to Five Wishes®. As I said above, I am so impressed with this document that I would like to shout it from the rooftops. Five Wishes® takes the advance directive far beyond the question of healthcare. This 66-page booklet is divided into five sections:
• The Person I Want to Make Care Decisions for Me When I Can’t
• The Kind of Medical Treatment I Want or Don’t Want
• How Comfortable I Want to Be
• How I Want People to Treat Me
• What I Want My Loved Ones to Know

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If you're a trans woman, you're a trans woman. If you're a gay man, you're a gay man. If you live as a gay man, but you think you might actually be a woman, then maybe explore that. No one chooses this for us – we discover it, we define it. In a world where so often it is dangerous just to be ourselves, surely we should be expending our energy on supporting and working with each other, not undermining each other's identities so crudely. That’s why Juno Dawson’s interview with Attitude was so profoundly disappointing.

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If we were a different kind of publication, we might point out that Dan, a comedian/actor/writer/producer/son of the legendary Eugene Levy, has his own sitcom called Schitt’s Creek. Which then might lead us to make some kind of innuendo-laden comments about heading up a person’s creek or some-such. But we won’t do that because we’re a classy monthly title. Dan is talented and gorgeous, his dad is an iconic member of Christopher Guest’s troupe and Schitt’s Creek is actually a wonderfully written piece of Canadian comedy, so no innuendo necessary “schitt’s creek,” tee hee.

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I remembered that when all the neighbor kids got together to play games, we played either badminton or croquet in our backyard, baseball in someone else’s backyard, or swimming at my uncle’s house. We didn’t have electronic technology, other than transistor radios that used real batteries, televisions with manual channel changing, and stereos that were so large they really were a new piece of furniture, so we had to amuse ourselves with other games.

What interests me more than anything, though, are her motivations for telling us that we are wrong about our sexuality. Dawson of course did identify as a gay man before her transition a couple of years ago, and so perhaps she is motivated to help people who are perhaps struggling with a similar journey. However, if she were for instance asserting that gay men were wrong about their sexuality based on her religious views, I have a feeling that her quote might not have made it to the front page of the magazine. I can’t see “Most gay men are actually straight men, because Jesus” having quite the same success with the editors.

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When I read that these five teens wouldn’t be tried for this egregious offense, I was angry. Apparently, the state of Florida currently does not have a law where a citizen is obligated to render aid or call for help for anyone in distress. According to The Huffington Post , the authorities found a very obscure law that is typically reserved for medical examiners. The law states “It is the duty of any person in the district where a death occurs, who becomes aware of the death of any person occurring must report such death and circumstances to the district medical examiner.” This is definitely a test case, as the law has never before been used in this context.

Colleges and universities are cancelling events that may be too sensitive for some of their students to handle ., debates, an abortion debate, a visit by a famous atheist, etc. Why??? Who is hogtying the students and demanding they attend these functions? If it really makes them uncomfortable, why don 8767 t they just stay away? Demanding these events be cancelled is an infringement on my right to attend the door swings both ways then again, maybe it doesn’t.

Oh. My. God. At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself not to write scathing blogs about POTUS every time I sat down with proverbial pen in hand. This decision was not due to any particular fondness for the man – I still think he’s an idiot, albeit a dangerous one. No, I made the promise because I didn’t want to allow myself to spend that much time on negativism. So far, I’ve kept my promise – technically, at least. Although I didn’t write a specific post, I did collect a rather impressive list of ideas for potential future blogs on POTUS. But I digress.

The gay community has a strong history of effective HIV activism, a tradition Greg Owen is continuing. His campaigning work around PrEP saw him set up , a place to raise awareness of — and access to — HIV-prevention medication. Such was its success, he was credited with playing a huge role in reducing the number of gay men in London being diagnosed with HIV by 95 per cent in a 67-month period.

With cutting satire and an eye for expertly dissecting the lives of modern gay men, North Morgan’s books have become essential reading for the urban gay. Previously known for his fictional blog, London Preppy, Morgan has released two novels since 7566, both written in the first person. He lives in California but his smoking hot Instagram feed doesn’t make it seem so far away.

The first openly gay NFL player EVER, Michael has now retired from the game for the foreseeable future. We’re sure he still has a fair bit of energy for tackling tight ends off the pitch though. We’d make some more American football-related puns here if we knew anything else about the sport, but we don’t. So fin.

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