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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 15:14

Emeriti (Professors): Tom Binford, Edward Feigenbaum , Richard Fikes , Donald E. Knuth *, Jean-Claude Latombe ,  Marc Levoy *,  Zohar Manna, Teresa Meng , William F. Miller, Nils J. Nilsson , Serge Plotkin , Vaughan Pratt * , Eric Roberts *, Yoav Shoham ,  Jeffrey D. Ullman , Gio Wiederhold , Terry Winograd ,  Ken Salisbury , David Dill *

Data Science Degree | Doctorate in Big Data Analytics | CTU

Doctoral Students: Final date to submit Nomination of Dissertation Committee Form to the Office of the Registrar. Committee form must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the scheduled defense.

Doctoral in Nursing, PhD in Nursing - Excite Education

Biological Sciences
(Microbiology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Neuroscience)
• Biological Sciences (MS/PhD)
• Molecular and Cellular Biology/Biology (PhD)
• Conservation Biology (non-degree CT)

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation | Fellowships

Draw from the tenets of organization development theory, critical social theory, and adult development to analyze and influence the culture of your organization.

ACM has named 95 Distinguished Members for their individual contributions to computing. Their achievements have advanced the science, engineering and education of computing, and highlight its growing role in the major technological advances shaping society today. The ACM Distinguished Member program recognizes members based on professional experience as well as significant achievements in the computing field.

"The best thing about S& T is that they let you go take a co-op while keeping your full-time students status," says Gantner, a St. Louis native. "They make it easy for you to get the real-world experience you need to get a job after graduation." [Read More]

• Blended: On campus & online
   • Family Nurse Practitioner (MS in Nursing)
   • Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (MS in Nursing)
   • Master in Nursing (Education)
   • Doctor of Nursing Practice – BSN to DNP
   • Doctor of Nursing Practice – MSN to DNP

Individuals can pursue a doctoral degree in nursing through distance learning programs. Online education is gradually replacing the traditional mode of learning, proving to be more flexible, accessible, and cost-effective. A majority of graduate students are working full-time, making it difficult for them to pursue campus-based studies. Online doctoral programs can be covered from any location, without having to worry about attending classes on campus.

The math electives list consists of: MATH 56 , MATH 659 , MATH 658 , MATH 659 , MATH 665 , MATH 668 CS 657 , CS 755A PHIL 656 CME 655 , CME 657 , CME 658 (or EE658),  CME 659 . Completion of MATH 57  and MATH 58  will together count as one math elective. Restrictions: CS 657 and PHIL 656  may not be used in combination to satisfy the math electives requirement. Students who have taken both MATH 56 and MATH 57 may not count CME 655 as an elective. Courses counted as math electives cannot also count as CS electives, and vice versa.

Students may choose to satisfy this requirement through one of two options, Single Depth or Dual Depth, outlined following. All courses taken for this requirement must be taken on a letter grade basis for three or more units.

Electrical Engineering
See also Computer Science
• Electrical Engineering (MS)
• Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (PhD)

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