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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 13:32

Certainly they think there are utilitarian benefits to having a Christian polity. But because ? That seems like a bolder claim. With the halo effect going on I expect it 8767 d be quite hard to untangle causes here, but utilitarianism explicit or tacit definitely wouldn 8767 t be the first place I 8767 d look.

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I’m posting this open call for children’s fiction submissions (so, anything in the 5 – 67 age range, but I’d be especially interested in 9 – 67, aka “middle grade”) from BAME writers. I’m very happy to receive submissions from agented and un-agented authors – and although I’d particularly like to see children’s fiction submissions from debut writers, if you’ve already been published, I’d still be very pleased to hear from you!

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Social Security and Medicare are life-stage transfers from workers to retirees, justified based on the theory that over the course of a lifetime, the transfers net out to the equivalent of forced savings. It 8767 s very common for people to spend their working lives in commerce/industry hubs (often in the Northeast, Great Lakes region, or West Coast), then retire to warmer regions with low cost-of-living (the South and Southwest, especially Florida and Arizona). During their working lives, they 8767 re counted as paying taxes in NY or Illinois, but upon retirement, they 8767 re counted as consuming benefits in Florida or Arizona.

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8766 Progressives 8767 proudly imagine that they are so clever because they 8766 get 8767 evolution but they completely miss the main message. The main message of evolution is that procreators are the winners. The end.

Humankind has done pretty well on this planet, even with non-fertile people mixed in all these eons. Why? We 8767 re a social animal, like bees. In a bee nest, there is only one reproducing female. The rest- mostly non-reproducing females- collect food, raise and build and protect the nest. Every contributing individual is valuable in a social species, whether their job is making babies or not. Transwomen and post-menopausal/infertile women (grandmas) still have worth to the colony.

This article has explored stereotypical representations of Muslims and Arabs in European and American video games on three different levels - iconographical, narrative and gameplay (. the rule system governing the player's interaction with the game).

Mozilla while a non-profit is not immune to competitive and business pressure. It also has had generally very thoughtful employees, who up to exec level do aspire to go beyond the minimum the law requires. But such steps must be taken in concert with other execs and larger groups, and even with board approval depending on the policy. A CEO can 8767 t make unilateral policy decisions. I 8767 m fully in agreement with this set of conditions, for myself or any CEO. So again, there 8767 s no way I could or would be the rogue CEO you fear.

They differ from their wild counterparts only by the uniform and the modest firing skills. Modest fighting capacity against the savages, but a collision with a skilled opponent, even the Arabs, they panic and flee.

It is because they must. The social left has suddenly and unexpectedly found itself at death 8767 s door, the door of permanent and irreversible loss of political power. Their worst nightmare is that a year from now, Trump 8767 s policies will have improved the economy – so much so that a large majority of Americans will be grateful to him and to the Republican Congress. Whatever is good for America is now bad for the Democrats – not merely bad, but politically fatal. The left will be permanently discredited, out of power, and cut off from the billions upon billions of dollars they now wallow in at our expense.

For what it 8767 s worth, I 8767 ve had an attempt at replying here: http:///7568/66/78/vampires-arent-actually-real-though-class-is-a-reply-to-mark-fishers-castle-of-bollocks/

They may propagate pedophilia as a way to build a 8775 Control File 8776 on targets in order to blackmail them? I 8767 m sure that Bill Clinton is completely compromised.

in my experience, the belief that intelligent people are completely different with anyone else and the two groups can never interact is very specifically Blue. The one Blue in my family is convinced that literally all smart people are autistic.

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