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Employees Training and Development Project Report MBA

Date of publication: 2017-08-22 02:02

When a student interested in getting into the IT side of investment banking asks you for a book recommendation you know you have a challenge on your hands.  But here it is.  THE book on IT careers in finance.  No one on the team has read it though, so we offer this listing merely as a pointer – a please explore more recommendation.


With a huge collection of bank/company profiles you may be thinking this is a must read.  But given that Enron is amongst the companies profiled, you’d be wrong.  It’s an old book no doubt, but it’s also quite threadbare.  You would be better advised to pursue a Vault Career Guide (eg the Vault Guide to the Top 55 Banking Employers) if you are interested in up-to-date company profiles.

Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Mobile

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It’s the same details you’ll get with all those other books, but it’s delivered in true banker porn style – ie a racing narrative that’ll get your inner banker feeling a little too excited!  We could have filed this book under IB History, but that would be unfair, because the book is a page turner.   This is aspiring banker crack!

Gordon Gekko was a terrible teacher.   “Lunch is for wimps” just isn’t very useful when you want to know what this whole investment banking game is all about.  Step in Mr Fleuriet – a half banker half academic.  In this book he breaks the IB industry apart and shows you exactly what everyone does.  By the end of the book you will know the history of banking, the difference between S& T v M& A v Capital Raising, plus how it all inter connects.  For aspiring bankers this may not be the most exciting read, but it’s definitely one of the most important.  And hey, at just on 855 pages you can knock this off between classes!

You may come from the fields of economics, finance, accounting, mathematics or business studies, or have relevant work experience. We are also interested in scholars from wider social sciences who want to build a new set of skills and knowledge in this culturally-diverse sector. We are specifically looking for students who want to develop an understanding and career in this emerging banking sector, the corporate sector or financial industries.

On completion of your programme you will be able to effectively perform relevant banking and finance tasks, including specific requirements of Islamic banking, financial products and services.

You’re wasting your time! If you want to learn how to impress bankers, get interviews and land job offers straight out of college you simply need 6 skills.

Do you want to know how to break into investment banking today?  Right now?  Then pick up this book because it will take you on a fast pace ride through investment banking recruiting, starting from the very beginning (what is investment banking?) and going right through to the end (how to perform in banking).  As a recent publication – 7566 – you’ll also have the fortune of learning how to launch your career in investment banking in today’s changed world.  Valuable stuff here!

You’re probably wondering from the title how ‘focused’ this book is.  And you’d be right to be suspicious, because this book does cover three very different industries – and as a baby banker in the making you aren’t interested in all of them, right?  So should you consider getting this book?  Probably not.  There are enough highly focused books on getting a job in investment banking out there.  But if you are tossing up between management consulting and IB then give it a flick read.  With solid coverage of the resume and interview stage, you’ll appreciate that this book goes beyond a mere birds eye view of the industries.

From the moment you arrive at the School of Management we will work with you to help you build your skills and experience to enhance your career prospects. During your time with us you&rsquo ll have the chance to:

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